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Chronic back pain can be a debilitating condition that affects the spinal region due to many reasons such as repeated poor posture, sports injuries or physical accidents. Chronic back pain can persist for months or even years without proper, ongoing treatment. The condition is commonly seen in the workplace these days due to poor posture and ergonomics that strain the back, causing discomfort. Besides the medical implications of this condition, chronic back pain at the workplace can also significantly lower your productivity and this creates the need for proper long term management.

Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain

There are several signs and symptoms that may indicate you have a chronic back pain condition and they include:

  • Prolonged pain that radiates down towards the legs.
  • Sharp pains that are experienced during bending, standing or even walking.
  • Constant aching of the muscles.
  • Prolonged numbness of the buttocks.
  • Occasional stabbing pains experienced at the back region.

Causes of chronic back pain

Chronic back pain results from a number of factors which can either be medical, physiological or environmental, the following factors are commonly seen with chronic back pain at the workplace:

  • Sleeping on a worn-out mattress – More often than not, sleeping on a worn-out mattress that does not adequately support your back may result in the back pains that you might be experiencing.
  • Adopting poor posture – Consistently having poor posture at the workplace may result in chronic back pain. Common postures that are known to result in back pains include sitting for long periods, straining when working at your desk and over-stretching.
  • Lifting heavy items may also cause straining of the spine and this, in turn, may cause back pains. Avoid lifting heavy objects off the ground on your own.

Managing Chronic Back Pain

There are several means of managing chronic back pain at the workplace and they include:

  • Have limits and respect them – You should always ensure that after working you have enough time to rest and stretch. Give your back some time to rest periodically if you are working for longer hours.
  • Make sleep a priority – Having adequate sleep is paramount in promoting your well-being. Ensure that you have adequate sleep which will reduce pain and boost your mood and energy. Also, ensure that you sleep on a firm mattress that will give your back enough support.
  • Have regular breaks – You should take regular breaks at your place of work. Create time for short walks and stretches, which will help you cope with the pain.
  • Create a conducive work environment – You need to seek a proper working environment which will ensure that you are comfortable. Some measures that can be taken include, having the right height for your work table and also having a chair that can be adjusted or an ergonomic office chair that will support your back and give you the right sitting posture when working.

Don’t put up with chronic back pain, take control and speak to the experienced team of chiropractors at Neuroworks who can help diagnose, treat and manage your chronic back pain. They will be able to put together a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs.