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According to the ‘Get Britain Standing’ campaign, in Britain, we sit for an astonishing 8.9 hours every day on average. This ‘sedentary epidemic’, is leading to a number of serious health problems. To highlight the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle and to encourage all of us to sit less and move more,, in association with Active Working, is organising an ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day, on Friday, April 28th this year.

However, as Chiswick Chiropractor, Johan C Jeronimus DC DACNB, points out, there are many reasons why a person is less active than they could or should be. These include painful joints and muscles, reduced mobility and range of movement.

All of these factors can lead to sitting for much longer than we should each day, but Chiropractic can help with the biomechanical causes of pain and reduced mobility. So if you feel that these problems are holding you back from being more active – and putting you at risk of major health problems, as a result, it is time to talk to your Chiswick Chiropractor! So call us today on 0208 566 3757 and arrange your initial appointment.

The holistic approach offered by the Chiropractic team at Neuroworks uses a number of techniques, including gentle, Chiropractic adjustments to get you out of pain and restore your mobility.

Health Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle

Research has provided compelling evidence of the health risks of sitting for more than four hours a day. These include, a reduction in metabolic rate, weight gain leading to obesity, disruption in blood sugar levels, Type 2 Diabetes, elevated blood pressure, circulation problems, heart disease, back pain, (particularly lower back pain and neck pain), an increased susceptibility to some types of cancer, reduced muscle tone, core strength and balance. For women, in particular, a lack of weight-bearing exercise can lead to an increased risk of developing Osteoporosis.

In addition, lack of physical activity and sitting for long periods each day can be contributory factors in mental health problems such as depression and increase the risk of developing a degenerative condition, such as Dementia.

Some Ideas for Reducing Your Sitting Time

See your Chiswick Chiropractor! Feeling good, being comfortable in your body, able to move freely and without pain, is a great incentive to be more active. In addition to the comprehensive assessment of your physical health at your initial appointment and an agreed treatment plan designed specifically for your needs to get you out of pain and back to full mobility, we can advise on simple lifestyle changes that can make a big difference.

You can make some very simple changes right away that will make a big reduction in your overall ‘sitting time’ during the course of the day.

At work, for example, take your phone calls standing up, go for a walk at lunchtime and use the stairs instead of the lift. You might like to consider standing at the back of the room during meetings or presentations and having an informal colleague meeting or discussion during a walk around the park instead of at a desk!

At home, it might be practical to walk the children to school instead of driving, or walking to a local shop for that one ingredient you have forgotten – instead of taking the car to the supermarket. Other jobs could be done while standing instead of sitting, like the ironing, washing up or vegetable preparation. Even watching TV could become an exercise opportunity with a portable treadmill or exercise bike – but perhaps that is a bridge too far!

So, do not wait until ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day to take your first steps to getting up off your seat and onto your feet! If you are reading this after the event – you definitely do not have to wait for the next ‘On Your Feet Britain’ day either!

Make an appointment with your Chiswick Chiropractor today and get those niggling biomechanical aches, pains and mobility problems sorted out. Do your bit for the Get Britain Standing campaign and encourage your friends, family and work colleagues to see how much sitting time you can reduce, and take a stand for a healthier, fitter and happier you!