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Sunshine and warm weather make it easy to get out and exercise. It gets harder when the weather turns cold and dreary. If your motivation level has fallen with the temperatures, here are a few ways to bring it back up.

Be kind to yourself

Winter is a time to rest and recharge after a busy year, but you don’t want to let yourself go over the winter either. Adjust your the intensity and style of your workout and find something that rejuvenates you and brings balance. Yoga, pilates, and tai chi are all gentle exercises that will help you stay in shape without overdoing. Remember also that cold weather leaves the muscles and joints tighter than warm weather, so be sure to take some extra time for your warm up to help you avoid injury.

Work out with a friend

It’s easy to skip a workout when you’re doing it alone. It’s not so easy when you have a friend holding you accountable. Working out with a friend means supporting each other and urging each other on. And if you both have a competitive streak, consider turning working out into a friendly competition.

Be ready for any weather

If you usually head outdoors for your workout, nasty weather can make it difficult. Consider adding a few extra layers to keep you warm and dry when you’re out. Or take your workout indoors when it’s really cold by taking a class or joining a gym. You might even check out some workout videos, either online or on DVD.

Just get started

Thinking about your entire workout can be overwhelming when you just want to stay in bed a little longer or watch TV. It’s a little easier to consider working out for just five minutes. Get started and give yourself permission to stop after five minutes if you still want to. Some days you may do just that, but more often you may find that your workout seems less intimidating once you get started.

Keep it simple

The harder it is to get yourself to work out, the easier it is to find reasons not to do it. If working out means getting out of your nice, warm bed early or driving in the snow, getting to the workout may be more overwhelming than actually working out. Grab a couple of coworkers and go for a walk during lunch or climb some stairs on your break. Bonus, you’ll feel more energized for the rest of your afternoon. Make it even easier by keeping your gear close at hand. Whether that means keeping a pair of comfortable walking shoes in your office, or putting your workout clothes and shoes next to your bed so they’re in easy reach when you wake up, if you don’t have to think about it, you’ll be more likely to do it.

Warm up inside

If you really like getting outside for your workout, try warming up inside with some jumping jacks or pushups. Getting your heart rate up and your blood pumping will help you feel warmer when you get outside.

Create a challenge

This could be just a challenge for you, or you might create some competition by sharing it on social media or at your local gym. You might set a goal to run a certain number of miles or complete a certain number of workouts each week, or track your weight lifted and try to lift a little more each time.

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