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Depression is a serious issue and can paralyse an individual from carrying out their everyday activities. The issue mainly affects women, but men are also common victims of depression. A lot of the time, men are ignored when it comes to depression.

Firstly, depression is not wide spread among men and, secondly, men are seen as more emotionally stable than women. However, this is simply not true. Men also suffer from depression and it can make them incapable of doing anything, even seeing a doctor. This leads to them never getting help for their depression, sinking them deeper into the mental disorder.

As we have now entered Movember, we thought that we would offer support for men’s depression and offer some proven techniques to help you overcome depression all by yourself. Self-help methods are very effective and have been very successful in the past. Of course, if your depression is serious you should consult your GP. If you’re interested to know how to help yourself beat depression, continue to read this article.

Don’t Keep To Yourself

One of the most important things to never do is isolate yourself and stay away from friends and loved ones. Keeping in contact with other human beings is a basic need that needs to be fulfilled and it has been found to lift depressive symptoms. Using your social support groups is very important and will help you overcome depression extra fast. They will be able to help you with your negative thoughts and can offer advice, all leading to a steady recovery.

Challenge Your Own Thoughts

Challenging your own thoughts is very important if you’re suffering from depression. One of the main symptoms of depression is negative thoughts that tell you you’re worthless and reinforce the feelings of depression. In professional therapy, the doctor will often challenge these thoughts for you and will help you come up with a rational response. You should also try to do this yourself whenever a thought pops into your head. Challenge it and get rid of it, which will result in positive behaviour.

Boost Your Mood with Food

Food is one of the main basic needs that humans require in order to keep on living. Food is also known to be a huge mood booster. If you have an improper diet when you’re suffering from depression, we recommend you try and change your diet positively. This means that you should remove any foods that alter your mind, like caffeine and sugar. Stay away from processed foods and try and eat natural and organic. It is important to get your B vitamins as well, as there is a correlation between depression and vitamin B deficiencies.

Correct Your Sleeping Pattern

Getting enough sleep is very important and if you are not getting enough you could be negatively effecting your body. Insomnia is a common symptom of depression as you tend to stay awake at night thinking about the negative thoughts rushing around your head. Try and sort out a specific sleeping pattern and stick to it. This will help your body prepare for sleep and will help it rest when bedtime approaches.


Depression is a wide spread issue that affects men just as much as it affects women. Movember is designed to support all the men that suffer from depression that are not noticed in modern society. With the tips mentioned above, you’ll be able to help yourself, but as mentioned you should consult your GP if the symptoms persist.