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Your central nervous system is your body’s main computer, it integrates the information that is received and coordinates as well as influences the activity of all the parts of your body. That’s why any pain or disruption to your nerves can have a great impact on the way your body functions and your quality of life.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in humans; it runs from the pelvis right down to the feet. Sciatica refers to a condition defined by pain due to irritation of the sciatic

Symptoms of Sciatica and Nerve Pain

Since nerves exist in different areas of your body and also come in various sizes, the signs and symptoms you may experience may vary enormously. Generally, it depends on the location and type of nerves affected.
Symptoms of sciatica and nerve pain can be mild to very painful, and they can last from days to months. The pain often comes from your lower back, and it can spread to your buttocks and down into your legs. The pain can worsen over time and increased by standing or sitting for long, bending backwards, laughing or coughing. Also, you can experience tingling, numbness and weakened muscles.

What Are The Treatment Options For Sciatica And Nerve Pain?

Chiropractic Care

Patients who receive chiropractic spinal manipulation can experience pain relief that is as effective as those who have surgery. In a published study that in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics in 2010, 130 people saw chiropractors for three days in a week for a whole month. The treatment time was reduced as they continuously felt better. Patients who went through this procedure experienced lasting relief that spanned a year. This treatment reduced inflammation, creating an environment that promotes the natural healing of the body.

Trigger Point Massage

If you have sciatica-nerve pain, trigger point therapy is another option for treatment. Since the sciatic nerve rests under the piriformis muscle, the pressure is added on the sciatic-nerve to cause a tingling and numbing sensation along the leg. The pressure is also applied to the inflamed and irritated areas in the piriformis muscle, as well as in the glutes and the lower back muscles.

Ice or Heat

Since the sciatic-nerve rests deep in the leg and buttock, heat or ice on the body surface cannot ease the inflammation. Applying this time-honored treatment can counter the irritation because it reduces the pain in the painful area. Apply a pack or heat or ice pad on the area for 15 minutes

Pain Relievers and Muscle Relaxants

Taking over the counter and anti-inflammatory drugs can ease your distress. Since pain muscle spasms can accompany a disk herniation, muscle relaxants work.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy will help reduce your pain by decreasing bradykinin, a chemical that increases inflammation and worsens the pain. Laser therapy also accelerates connective tissue formation and cell growth. Exposure to laser light also stimulates the growth and formation of new blood vessels in broken or injured tissues. All this will help accelerate the healing process and reduce sciatic nerve pain.

Getting rid of Sciatica and Nerve pain can be difficult and may even seem impossible. But it is not! Our team of experienced, professional chiropractors at Neuroworks Chiropractic can help you break free from pain. Contact us today on 020 8566 3757 to find out how we can help you.