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The Charity, Arthritis Care says, in its published leaflet on Complementary Therapies that Chiropractic adjustments of affected joints in the spine and elsewhere may be of benefit to Arthritis sufferers because it can improve mobility and relieve pain. They say – “regular adjustment may keep joints healthier and more mobile, while also reducing pain and slowing down further damage.”¹

Chiswick Chiropractor Johan C. Jeronimus DC DACNB points out that during the annual Arthritis Care Awareness Week, during May this year, Arthritis Care are focusing on raising awareness about the symptoms of pain, inflammation and joint stiffness that afflicts sufferers and can lead to depression and social isolation.

Many patients of Johan’s Neuroworks Chiropractic practice have Arthritis and find that regular treatments and exercises to do at home that increase mobility, along with advice on lifestyle, diet and nutrition are immensely beneficial in improving mobility and decreasing pain symptoms, helping them to continue with the daily activities they enjoy.

If Arthritis is becoming a real pain – and preventing you from enjoying life as you should, please call your Chiswick Chiropractor today on 020 8566 3757 to arrange an initial appointment.

Arthritis in the UK

Surprisingly, around 9 million of us here in the UK suffer from Arthritis and although it is true that older people are more likely to be affected by the most common form, Osteoarthritis, the autoimmune types, including Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis, are more likely to affect children and younger adults.

Symptoms vary but commonly include joint stiffness and inflammation, reduced mobility, and pain. These symptoms can seriously restrict a person’s working life and social activities and can lead to isolation and depression.

There is no cure for Arthritis, it is a life-long condition, so management with anti-inflammatory medications and close monitoring of symptoms is vital to ensure that further joint degeneration is minimised as far as possible.

How Can Chiropractic Benefit Arthritis Sufferers?

Your Chiswick Chiropractor points out that while Chiropractic treatment is entirely drug free, it will never be suggested that you stop taking any medication prescribed for you – although it is definitely the case that some patients are able to reduce pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications in conjunction with their GPs, due to an improvement in their symptoms.

At your initial, assessment appointment, a comprehensive health check and physical exam will ascertain whether Chiropractic is appropriate in your case as treatment is not recommended for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients during a ‘flare up’, or for patients with active inflammation or infection (for example).

At Neuroworks, if Chiropractic is appropriate for you, at your first appointment your treatment plan and full details of costs are explained and any other questions you may have will be answered.

If you are an Arthritis sufferer or have a friend or family member who is, you can contact the Arthritis Care charity, via their website ( or on their freephone helpline 0808 800 4050. This is available all year round, not just during Arthritis Care Week and is a free and confidential service. ²

Please do not delay seeking help for this painful condition – there may not be a cure (yet), but your Chiswick Chiropractor can help you to improve your mobility, reduce symptoms of pain and continue to be more mobile with exercises you can do at home.